Spring 2019 One Room Challenge - Week 5: one last push!

Week 5 of the Better Homes & Gardens sponsored One Room Challenge flew by and it was a busy one! So were Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 but this was the week where everything needed to come together to ensure we completed the space in time for final photos and sharing.

My brother Paul came to install the ceiling medallion, help me put the antique bed together and hang curtain rods. I focused on priming and painting the two Orillia Habitat for Humanity Restore nightstands in a high gloss deep green by Sherwin-Williams called “Hunt Club” SW 6468 in their Emerald line. I love the colour and know Matthew will too - after all, he’s the one who wanted the “green” room.

Habitat for Humanity Restore tables being primed

Habitat for Humanity Restore tables being primed

Sherwin-Williams’  “Hunt Club”  green for the win

Sherwin-Williams’ “Hunt Club” green for the win

I’m writing this post the night before we shoot the room with Rowell Photography with less than 12 hours to go. The munchkins are both sleeping and Matthew was thrilled to sleep in my bed so I could finish his room. Still so much to do including:

  • put the hardware on the nightstands

  • steam all the wrinkles out of the linens

  • pull some styling items from around the house (thank goodness for my favourite haunt Antiques on 11 North)

  • arrange the flowers

  • hem the curtains (that is definitely NOT happening tonight so I’ll need to pin in place for now and hope nobody notices)

  • sew a large lumbar pillow with tassels

I often joke that this leg of the One Room Challenge is like that “one last push” in the delivery room. After months of planning and leaning on family, friends and experts for support, it comes down to one last push and it’s all on you. You’re exhausted and emotional and you silently (or not) swear to yourself that you’re never, ever going to do this again. And then it happens … those feelings of absolute calm, joy and accomplishment. You quickly forget about any of the challenges leading up to that moment and before you know it, you’re prepared to do it all again.

On that note, I’m off to sew Matthew’s lumbar pillow for his bed, with thoughts swirling about my next space for the Fall One Room Challenge :)


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