Spring 2019 One Room Challenge - Week 4: Paint & Paper

It’s already Week 4 of the One Room Challenge sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens and what that really means is that there is only one week left to complete everything for Matthew’s Room prior to shooting! Take a look at the progress from Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 already - we’re getting there! I’ve learned over the past few years that everything always works out in the end no matter what and I will find a way to finish everything, even if it means a few late nights.

That’s exactly what happened during Week 4 - late nights priming and painting with the help of great paint provided by our Orillia Sherwin-Williams team. This was my very first time using Sherwin-Williams paint and I was super impressed by the texture and coverage.

We used the following paint in the space:

  • Cover Max primer

  • SW 7006 “Extra White” (trim & doors in semi gloss)

  • SW 6161 “Nonchalent White” (walls in eggshell)

Sherwin-Williams Cover Max Primer

Sherwin-Williams Cover Max Primer

Sherwin-Williams SW 6161  “Nonchalent White”  on the walls

Sherwin-Williams SW 6161 “Nonchalent White” on the walls

Sherwin-Williams Opulence paint in  “Nonchalent White”

Sherwin-Williams Opulence paint in “Nonchalent White”

Once again my family jumped in to help me - my Mom Susan this time. My Mom really embraced the whole 80s wallpaper trend, covering nearly every square foot of our childhood home with it - switch plate covers and all. We had a blue floral paper in our dining room, peach floral in the bathrooms, a Cabbage Patch Kid accent wall in my sister Erin’s room and a rainbow accent wall in my room - just to name a few. Years ago I had the opportunity to move back into my childhood home as an adult and after weeks of removing said wallpaper I swore I would never touch the stuff again.

Well here we are - full circle in my own home installing a mural with the help of my Mom for my son Matthew’s room. Am I crazy?

No need to answer that …

Anthropologie’s  “Etched Arcadia”  Mural

Anthropologie’s “Etched Arcadia” Mural

My Mom Susan smoothing out any air bubbles

My Mom Susan smoothing out any air bubbles


This gorgeous mural went up in an afternoon and provides a pretty amazing backdrop for the entire space. We started loading Matthew’s furniture back in today and the room is really starting to come together. We still have a few things to do this week but we’ll get it done as will the other guest participants and featured designers. Take a look!


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