Spring 2019 One Room Challenge - Week 2: Design Direction

We’re already at week two of the One Room Challenge and I feel like I’m so far behind. The good news is that we have our plan for the space and most of the “work” will start this week and hopefully move quickly.

We’re making over my son Matthew’s room which had a couple of small tweaks when I completed Lily’s room for a previous One Room Challenge, but in general hasn’t been touched since he was 3. He’s now nearly 10 and has been asking for a completely different look and like his Mommy, he knows what he likes and more importantly what he doesn’t like.

Matthew’s must-haves:


  • Nothing on the walls - all of his art, his bulletin board and mobile have left the building!

  • A new (to us) bed

  • Swing arm lamps

  • Memory foam mattress

Matthew's Room - Design  - ORC Spring 2019.jpg

Matthew’s Room - Mood Board

The jumping off point for this room is this beautiful mural I fell in love with from Anthropologie. Our current home is not our forever home so I’ve been pretty careful about investing in pieces that we can take with us. After I saw this mural installed by Jenna Sue Design Co and Making it Lovely I made an exception to that rule and splurged on it. To balance the budget, I’ll that ensure everything else in the space has a DIY or redesigned element.

Matthew's Room - Design Samples.jpg

Sherwin-Williams paint, Anthropologie’s “Etched Arcadia” mural and hardware and a painting by Lynne Millar

It’s not easy being green

As a gardener, I love plants, trees and all things nature but I must admit that I am not a fan of the colour green. The good news is that I’m confident I can give Matthew a “green” room without painting the walls green. Enter my partners at Orillia’s Sherwin-Williams store who are providing all the paint for this project!

  • SW 6161 “Nonchalent White” - This soft and incredibly light putty green white will envelope the room on the walls

  • SW 7006 “Extra White” - This clean white is for the trim and doors

  • SW 6468 “Hunt Club” - This deep, rich green will be on Matthew’s nightstands

We’ll bring it more green through fabrics for curtains, pillows and accents to achieve an overall “green” look. When green is done right it can look absolutely stunning as in these inspiring spaces:

Over the next week we hope to complete the crown moulding, wall and furniture painting and retrofit an antique bed thanks to a lot of help from my contractor and brother Paul of Brancon. Follow me here and on Instagram as I and over 200 other featured and guest participants transform spaces for this amazing challenged sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens!


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