Fall 2018 One Room Challenge - Week 3: Redesigned Finds

Better late than never! After a crazy week including a whirlwind trip to Montreal for work and a PD day with the munchkins we are making progress with our two special rooms for Week 3 of our Better Homes & Gardens One Rooms Challenge. If you’re new to the blog or to the challenge take a look at our rooms and design direction from Week 1 and Week 2.

My brother Paul of Brancon has cleared out Audrey’s “big girl” room, started the trim and is painting the walls a soft lilac called “Gown” by Sarah Richardson Design.

Room Cleared Out.jpg
Bye bye gray and hello lilac!

Bye bye gray and hello lilac!

As Paul works on the shell of the room I’m working ahead on all the details including some redesigned finds. The first is a Kijiji find dresser that needed a little TLC but at only $40 the price was right.

Malcolm Dresser

A Malcolm Furniture piece the dresser is well made and has great lines. The plan was to give it a good sanding, prime and paint it but with one scratch of a fingernail the top coat of existing paint started to peel off. My brother knew right away that the previous owners had used latex paint over oil paint and it was not adhering. We would have to strip it :(

Paint Stripping.jpg
Paint Stripping After.jpg

After countless hours spent stripping and sanding, the dresser is finally really for priming and painting.

Restore Find Rocking Chair & Garage Sale Find Chandelier

A few years ago I found a red velvet chair at our Orillia Habitat for Humanity Restore and knew it would be great for Audrey’s nursery. This past summer the kids and I were at a garage sale just outside of Orillia and we saw a chandelier in a box priced at $30. It was nearing lunch time and I asked the lady who was selling it what her best price would be. We had just purchased a pretty little chandelier for Audrey’s room for only $10!

Red Chair.jpg

These are just a few of the redesigned finds that we will feature in the final reveals. All of these pieces were really great prices and will be better than new when we’re finished. More importantly they will be one of a kind.

We have a lot of work to do this week on the rooms but we’re determined to finish for next week. Please take a look at One Room Challenge featured designers and guest participants to see their progress from this week as well.


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