DIY: "Palm Beach Pink" Dresser

One of Lily's asks for her redesigned big girl room was for "a dresser that has drawers that slide easily". For the first few years of her life she had the prettiest little antique dresser that my brother Paul painted (I was pregnant with Lily at the time) a soft pink. There were many, many times when I had to help her pull out a drawer or push it back in though, so I completely understood where Lily's comment was coming from.

Lily dresser.jpg

We searched high and low through my parents home and storage locker for a dresser that might work but we fell short so naturally we turned to Kijiji. Lily really liked the ones that had a more traditional shape with pretty legs so we set our sights on French Provincial styles, found a few great options and picked up this fixer upper for only $40.

Lily dresser before.jpg
Lily dresser before 2.jpg

Lily's other request for her dresser was that it be "hot pink". I looked through many fan decks but it was tough to find a pink that was "hot" without looking neon or too purple. Finally we found two great pinks that would work: Ralph Lauren's "Jackie Pink' RL4052 (which must have been inspired by Jackie O's classic Chanel suit) and "Palm Beach Pink" RL4051. It took Lily all of two seconds to point to Palm Beach Pink and say "that's the one Mom!" This girl knows what she likes :)

We took a quick trip to Orillia's award winning Home Hardware to pick up wood filler, sand paper, primer and their amazing Cabinet & Furniture paint - mixed in our pink. We prepped (patched and sanded), primed, applied two coats of paint (with sanding in between) and cleaned the original hardware with Barkeeper's Friend.

Lily dresser patch.jpg
Lily dresser patch 2.jpg
Lily dresser hardware.jpg
Late night painting

Late night painting

dresser leg.jpg

This little old dresser was brought back to life and now takes centre stage in Lily's redesigned room!

dresser art.jpg
dresser front view.jpg
Lily's Shoes.jpg
dresser done.jpg
dog flower 2.jpg