One Room Challenge - WEEK 4: DESIGN DIRECTION

It's already week 4 of the One Room Challenge supported by Calling it Home and House Beautiful and we've been working around the clock on Lily's room so we can finish on time with everyone else! Today I'm sharing the wishes of my "six going on sixteen" year-old client (my daughter Lily) who informed the design direction for her room.

Miss Lily

Miss Lily

Lily was so excited to change her room and together we looked through Pinterest where she pointed to pictures she really liked including Pierre Frey's "Arty" fabric and Kate Spade's spotted Downing desk.

She then created her wish list to include:

  1. a spotted desk
  2. a wall of girls
  3. bright yellow curtains
  4. a hot pink dresser with drawers that are easy to open and close 
  5. a princess bed
  6. a juju hat

You always hear people say "Look to your closet for inspiration" so we did exactly that! White, hot pink, blue and gold would set the tone for the room ... and of course, bright yellow for the curtains. 

It was clear to me that we were working with quite the "mix" and there is nobody better at mixing than Jenny Komenda of The Little Green Notebook and Jenny's Print Shop. She created this amazing playroom for her girls with bright yellow curtains which has been etched into my memory since she shared it on her blog (below). I created this mood board to pull all of the ideas together and thankfully Lily loved it!

Maren Devine's Warrior Girl and Frida paintings were the only choice for Lily and I for her "wall of girls" - we absolutely love her work.

In order to make the design fit within our budget I needed to make a few small tweaks. At over $200/yard Lily's "Arty" fabric choice would cost a small fortune for two euro pillows and at over $3,000, her Kate Spade desk selection would also demand a different solution.

I found an amazing Kate Spade shower curtain which has a similar painterly feel as the Arty fabric without the price tag and it will be more than enough for both pillows!  As for the desk, you'll have to wait and see until next week ...

- Carley

Kate Spade shower curtain

Kate Spade shower curtain